Shami Kabab Sandwich Recipe in English

For 4 kababs: Bread.... 4 slices Tomatoes.... 2; thinly sliced Iceberg/green lettuce.... ½ bunch each Cucumber.... ½; sliced Garlic mayonnaise.... to taste Onion rings.... 3-4 rings Black olives for garnishing.... as required Cooking oil.... 2 tbsp
- Heat oil in a large frying pan on medium flame. Fry Shami Kabab as per instructions given on the pack. - Assemble the sandwich by layering cooked Shami Kababs, tomato slices, onion rings, cucumber & lettuce in between bread slices, with a large dollop of garlic mayonnaise sauce. - Garnish with black olives. - Serve with fries, coleslaw & Shami Kababs.
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