Seekh Kabab Gatta Curry Recipe in English

Gatta Coating: Besan.... 1 cup Ginger.... 2 tsp; chopped Cumin seeds.... ½ tsp Baking soda.... ¼ tsp Red chilli powder.... 1tsp Water.... 1 cup Fresh mint leaves.... 10
For 10 kababs; Yoghurt.... ½ kg Onions.... 2 medium sized; chopped Turmeric powder ....1 tsp Coriander powder.... 2 tsp Cumin seeds... 1 tsp Chilli.... 1 tsp Salt.... to taste Cooking oil... 2 tsp Whole red chilli (Dundicut)... 9; whole Cloves.... 4 All spice powder.... ½ tsp
- Prepare Gatta Curry mixture by adding besan, ginger, cumin seeds, baking soda, in a mixing bowl, stirring well to combine. - Add red chilli powder and water. Mix to a thick consistency. - Add fresh mint leaves and mix well to combine. - Coat each frozen K&N's Seekh Kabab with this mixture and set aside. - Boil water in a separate deep pan, and add coated Seekh Kababs. - Cook 10 to 15 minutes and set aside, retaining the Gatta Curry coating that will separate from Seekh Kababs. Drain the water. - In a separate pan, combine yoghurt, onions, turmeric powder, coriander powder, cumin seeds, red chilli powder and salt. - Cook for 5-6 minutes while stirring. - Pour in Gatta Curry mixture and cook 4-5 minutes more to combine flavours, stirring continuously. - Add Seekh Kababs, cooking oil, dundicut chilli and cook on low heat until the gravy thickens. - Add all spice powder and serve with chapati/flat bread.
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