Mughlai Tikka Biryani Recipe in English

Tomato paste.... 1 tbsp Yoghurt .... 1 cup Red chilli powder.... 1 tsp Turmeric powder.... ½ tsp Cumin powder.... 1 tsp; roasted Garam masala powder... 2 tsp Green cardamom powder.... ½ tsp Coriander powder.... 1 tsp Salt.... ½ tsp
Basmati rice.... 1 kg Whole Garam masala.... 1 tsp Salt.... 1 tsp Milk.... for mixing food colour (optional) Yellow food color.... 10 drops Oil.... 7 tbsp Onions... 1 tbsp; fried golden brown Green chilli.... 1; sliced
- Mix tomato paste, yogurt, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, roasted cumin powder, Garam masala, cardamom powder, coriander powder and salt; stir well to combine. - Now add thawed Mughlai Tikka to this mixture and keep aside to marinate. - Boil rice in 8 cups of water. Add whole Garam masala and salt to the water whilst boiling. - Strain boiled rice and keep aside. - Layer half of the boiled rice in a heavy bottomed pot, spread the Mughlai Tikka Biryani masala mixture in the centre and top with remaining boiled rice. - Sprinkle the top layer of rice with food colour. Cover the pot with a lid and allow Biryani to steam for a few minutes. - Mix gently and sprinkle with fried onions and green chilies before serving.
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