Kaju Ki Barfi Recipe In English


Cashew nuts.... 1 cup
Sugar.... ½ cup
Water .....¼ cup
Silver paper for garnish


Put cashew in food processor and grind to a semi fine powder.
Add sugar and water in a pan and boil; stir until sugar melts completely.
Check the consistency by pouring a few drops of syrup in a little water, if it does not dissolve in water then this is the right consistency.
Now transfer cashew powder in sugar syrup and cook until form a thick rolling mixture. It should be flexible dough, not dry or hard.
When it is still warm, knead it well until smooth; don’t scrap mixture from the sides of pan as it will hard the dough.
If the dough becomes hard, add ½ tsp melted ghee/butter.
Now place a butter paper on work surface then shift dough on it and cover it another butter paper piece and roll out dough with rolling pin about ¼ inches thick.
Remove top butter paper and cut into diamonds shape. Garnish with silver paper.
Serve or store in air tight container.

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