Chapli Kabab Naan Recipe

For 4 kababs Bread Dough - 4 servings Mozzarella Cheese Slices - 8 Milk - as required Mozzarella Cheese - as required; cut into sticks Red Chilli - as required; crushed Sesame Seeds - for seasoning Fennel Seeds - for seasoning Melted Butter - for seasoning.
- Fry Chapli Kabab as per instructions given on pack. - Make 4 regular dough balls and 4 smaller dough balls for flatbread/naan. - Roll a regular dough ball into a flat base and set in baking pan. Place Chapli Kabab in between two slices of mozzarella cheese, in the center. - Roll the smaller dough ball and gently lay to cover cheese and Chapli Kabab. Press edges to seal and brush with milk. - Cut sticks of mozzarella cheese and place around the filling, and sprinkle crushed red chilli. - Roll edges of dough-base inwards over mozzarella cheese sticks and press to seal. Prick bread with fork and brush milk on it. Repeat for all naans. - Season with sesame seeds and fennel seeds. - Bake at 180°C for 15-20 minutes. - Glaze with melted butter and add fresh coriander. Serve warm with condiments of your choice. - Serve warm.
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