Achari Kofta Recipe in English

For 12 koftas; deep fried Cooking oil.... 2 tbsp Onions.... ½ cup; chopped Garlic.... 1 tbsp; chopped Ginger.... 1 tbsp; chopped Mustard seeds.... 1 tsp Fennel seeds.... 1 tsp Onion seeds.... ½ tsp Turmeric powder.... 1 tsp Cumin seeds.... 1 tsp Tomato paste.... 1 tbsp Coriander....1 tbsp Salt.... 1 tsp STOK - 2 cubes in 2 cup water Whole red chilli (Dundicut) - 10; whole Yoghurt.... 1 cup Fresh cream.... 1 cup Lemon.... 2; sliced Lemon juice.... 2 tbsp Green chillies.... 4; whole
- Heat oil in a pan and add onions, garlic, ginger and sauté until tender. - Add in mustard seeds, fennel seeds and onion seeds and stir to combine flavors. - Add turmeric powder and mix well. - Add cumin seeds and tomato paste, and stir. - Mix in coriander, salt and chicken stock, stirring to combine. - Add dundicut chilies and stir. - Mix in yogurt and let simmer, occasionally stirring. - Add in fried K&N's Kofta and cook for 5-7 minutes, to let flavors combine. - Pour in cream and stir well to combine. - Add in lemon slices, lemon juice, green chilies while stirring continuously. - Let simmer for a short while and serve hot.
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